About Me

Freshly graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Bruxelles) in knitting design, I decided to start my own business in order to meet fellow Belgian designers, and to join the growing movement of the Belgium textile industry.

Dedicated to ethical and ecological fashion, I limit my footprint wherever I can. By focusing my attention on alternative methods, no creativity is lost in the process!

Passionate about fashion design and textile, I constantly improve my skills by exploring and discovering new technics. I’ve already had the opportunity to participate in material and method trainings such as: leather, fur, corset, embroidery, upcycling, etc…

My aesthetics is: minimalist, raw, essential. I like to let the materials speak for themselves. I do this highlighting letting their complex nature breathe, and letting them live and shape over time. With an organised mind, I let my intuition and feelings take the lead when needed. This is the way I work, this is the way I live.