“The extraordinary attracts us for a moment, simplicity holds us back longer, because it is in itself that the essential resides.”

Garry Winogrand

About Me

Freshly graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Bruxelles) in knitting design, I decided to start my own business in order to meet fellow Belgian designers, and to join the growing movement of the Belgium textile industry.

Dedicated to ethical and ecological fashion, I limit my footprint wherever I can. By focusing my attention on alternative methods, no creativity is lost in the process!

Passionate about fashion design and textile, I constantly improve my skills by exploring and discovering new technics. I’ve already had the opportunity to participate in material and method trainings such as: leather, fur, corset, embroidery, upcycling, etc…

My aesthetics is: minimalist, raw, essential. I like to let the materials speak for themselves. I do this highlighting letting their complex nature breathe, and letting them live and shape over time. With an organised mind, I let my intuition and feelings take the lead when needed. This is the way I work, this is the way I live.


Workshop with Lili Desrues, emboidery in self-hypnosis, 2020


As a fashion designer, my goal is to do whatever I can in helping artists/designers/brands to create one or several knitwear designs. I can assist throughout the process, either from a 2D conceptions, and then to the prototypes on a domestic knitting machine or by hand. I can also start with a pre defined model, and develop the patterns and technical drawings.

You can find a detailed catalog of my services and prices* by clicking here and explain me your project by mail to make a more precise quotation.

*All prices are provided as a guide, all projects are differents, so are the prices


Mail : marion.biche@gmail.com